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Test Card Set Generation

Test Card Set Generation

We can supply huge variety of test card images that can be personalized with our generation system.

Test card generation system

Our Test card generation system is using machine learning techniques to learn your current personalization scheme from an already personalized card.

This improvement makes you personalize additional test cards using your own chip cards with your personalization data or our test card image files.

The revolutionary technique we developed enables you to use your chip card stock and personalize any test card in any amount you want.


Our system

Other test card suppliers give you a set of test cards that you need to share inside your team or with other teams thus this limits your ability to work simultaneously. Test cards you personalized at your personalization bureau also shares the same destiny.

These test cards also can be lost or broken which causes an order cost and time lost on your project.

On the other hand our solution makes you create any amount of test card for a specific card profile thus prevents time locks that can be caused by test card sharing.

Also if one of these cards get lost or broken, you can instantly personalize another one with our system using a simple card reader.

Do not hesitate

We can supply huge variety of test card images that can be personalized with our generation system and you can also personalize your own data files directly or with a mapping file.

Please get in touch with us for more information about the system and test card properties.

Why keep!in Test Card Set Service

  1. More than 10 years of EMV ISSUANCE Experience
  2. Know-how on payment scheme regulations and requirements
  3. Instant test card generation system with your own cards
  4. High level of PKI and key management knowledge

Why getting service from us?

Below you can see a few important assets we can provide to you.


More than 10 years of high tech experience on EMV and Card Payment System related projects.


High level of know-how on payment scheme regulations, requirements and workarounds


Cumulated experience of completed projects leads us to success.


In addition to project management and solution providing, we aim to train your staff to increase your self-competence.


With our support team and daily ticketing system, you can benefit from active support.

Do not hesitate to inquiry!

Our team will be happy to answer your questions.