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MTIP Contact

MTIP Contact

With our high-level experience at MTIP certification, we are here to give you the best service during your new contact terminal adaptation process.

MTIP Contact

Mastercard demands to get some approvals from itself before an acquirer want to implement a new terminal into its payment network. The terminal integration process (MTIP) is essential for any kind of terminal that is prepared for the payment system. MTIP Process is a testing procedure which creates a virtual environment for testing terminal’s live environment behaviours. Thus it is not only testing the terminal behaviour, since it imitates the whole environment, it also tests the connections between the terminal and other components of the network like the host authorisation systems and Mastercard network integration.

With our high-level experience at MTIP certification, we are here to give you the best service during your new contact terminal adaptation process. We can complete and analyse all outcomes that needs to be done at MTIP Regular or Fast Track tests and fasten your production deployment. Don’t leave your certification to any chance and get experienced help from us to avoid money and time loses with unnecessary iterations.

Requirements For MTIP Contact

  • Simulator. Install the latest versions of the MasterCard MAS simulator for the dual message system or the MasterCard Debit Financial Simulator (MDFS) for the single message system and obtain the relevant valid MasterCard simulator license. The MasterCard simulators can be ordered on MasterCard Connect under Simulator Suite.
  • EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates. Obtain Level 1 and 2 certificates from your software vendor/VAR/integrator. These certificates include three pieces of required information: the Issuer Conformance Statement (ICS), approval numbers, and kernel name. The EMV level 1 device is the hardware that accepts the card. This device could be a terminal, a card-reading device on an ATM, or an unattended solution. PCI PED approval and TQM LABEL documents are also required before start testing.
  • Application Details. Obtain the name and version number of the application that handles all payment information and implements the terminal-to-acquirer host protocol. The application version number will appear in the M-TIP letter of approval
  • Qualified EMV Contact M-TIP Test Tool. The list of qualified EMV contact M-TIP test tools and their suppliers can be found on MasterCard Connect. 

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