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Visa Acquirer Host Testing

Visa Acquirer Host Testing

With our high-level experience at Visa Acquirer Host Testing, we are here to give you the best service during your new payment scheme adaptation process.

Host Certification

Network interface testing is a certification process that is demanded as mandatory from acquirers by payments schemes. This certification ensures that the subjected payment scheme and the acquirer is communicating with each other in pre-defined standards and integration between them is completely flawless. It tests ISO/IEC 8583 interface communication between the host system and payment network using EMV contact and Paywave transactions which depends on customer profiles and requirements. Visa Acquirer Host Testing also includes test and validation activities for authorization and clearing processing.

With our high-level experience at Visa Acquirer Host Testing, we are here to give you the best service during your new payment scheme adaptation process. We can complete and analyse all outcomes that needs to be done at acquirer tests and fasten your production deployment. Don’t leave your certification to any chance and get experienced help from us to avoid money and time loses with unnecessary iterations.


Requirements For Visa Acquirer Host Testing

  • Attended testing is required.
  • Use of physical Global Host Test Cards and scripts.
  • Managed by a  project.
  • Testing performed with use of a POS device. A terminal emulator solution was available for acquirers to support the U.S. EMV chip migration mandate deadline. An acquirer will be required to support Visa’s terminal testing requirements before deploying a terminal to market.
  • Support of both quick Visa Smart Debit Credit (qVSDC) and magnetic-stripe data (MSD) legacy contactless transactions.
  • Validation of compliance with VIP authorization and full financial messages for each unique host platform.
  • If using a POS device, terminal testing is required before host testing can begin. A productionready terminal is required to generate online authorization messages for host testing.
  • Settlement testing is optional and only required if offline authorization of transactions is supported.
  • A testing completion letter is provided when host testing is completed successfully.
  • Production activation is required to implement full chip data with Field 55 for the first time, requiring the appropriate Visa paperwork. Visa made default systems changes to enable all U.S. acquirers to support full chip and Field 55 on April 1, 2013. Processor parameters will require the appropriate Visa paperwork.  

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