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With our online and on-site training programs you can increase your expertise on critical topics and increase your team's self-competence.


Our Online Training Programs enables your staff to get lectures instantly at any environment and aims to teach them all aspects of EMV and Card Payment Systems from basic topics to specific case studies.


Our On-Site Training Sessions aims to lecture your staff at your environment along with physical components and their usage practices. These sessions also contains workshops that are focusng on specific case studies along with real time support thus it is most suitable way to train your staff and increase your know-how on specific EMV and CPS topics.

Why getting consulting from us?

Below you can see a few important assets we can provide to you.


More than 10 years of high tech experience on EMV and Card Payment System related projects.


High level of know-how on payment scheme regulations, requirements and workarounds


Cumulated experience of completed projects leads us to success.


In addition to project management and solution providing, we aim to train your staff to increase your self-competence.


With our support team and daily ticketing system, you can benefit from active support.

Do not hesitate to inquiry!

Our team will be happy to answer your questions.