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Key Management & PKI

Key Management & PKI Consulting

Learn the most crucial element of the EMV Issuance, PKI Management, with us.

Public Key Infrastructure

Most delicate and important part of EMV issuance is handling secure keys and creating a self-managed PKI between card and payment schemes. You need to establish a solid knowledge ground to operate on these issues otherwise you may face with serious regulatory restrictions and fraud attacks.

You need to be sure that your private keys are securely stored at HSMs, your security zones are distinctly separated from each other and your issuer master keys are stored under correct protective keys.

Any error on one of these subjects will end up with high level of monetary losses along with customer dissatisfaction.

Effective Design

Our consulting service helps your team to design a self-managed PKI environment which meets your specific needs. By using state-of-the-art practices and updated versions of hardware security modules (HSMs), your PKI and issuer master keys are protected against any kind of security attacks.

Effective designing or upgrading a self-managed PKI and secure storage of master keys require high level of expert advice and experience. Our security specialists’ decade long experience on these operations will be your best helper on making a change on the secure environment and during being audited.

Payment schemes have different technical processes and we accelerate your journey to achieve your goal.

Do not have regrets

Our service is not aiming a one time secure zone operation consultation, it will also act as a training for your staff to increase your self-sustainability and self-management ability on key management. Our expert product knowledge and know-how teach your staff leading edge of secure awareness and best practices that can be applied for EMV Issuance and PKI. Get consultancy from us to increase your ability to get over certification auditions.

Why keep!in Key Management and PKI Consulting

  1. More than 10 years of EMV ISSUANCE Experience
  2. Know-how on key schemes, HSMs and regulations
  3. Completion of many successful secure zone establishment projects from scratch
  4. High level of PKI and key management knowledge

Why getting consulting from us?

Below you can see a few important assets we can provide to you.


More than 10 years of high tech experience on EMV and Card Payment System related projects.


High level of know-how on payment scheme regulations, requirements and workarounds


Cumulated experience of completed projects leads us to success.


In addition to project management and solution providing, we aim to train your staff to increase your self-competence.


With our support team and daily ticketing system, you can benefit from active support.

Do not hesitate to inquiry!

Our team will be happy to answer your questions.