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Custom Projects

Custom Projects Consulting

Learn how you can create your custom projects with minimum cost and maximum benefit.

Custom Projects

Other than EMV related issues, we are giving consultancy on variety of different projects that reaches beyond banking scope. If you have a special project like government cards, health cards, transport cards, university cards, loyalty cards entrance cards … etc. and don’t know how to implement those with your current environment and physical equipment like your chip cards and secure devices, don’t hesitate to ask us for more information.

Our Experience

We can combine our high level knowledge on technical infrastructure, key management & secure devices, data preparation & personalization systems and certification processes then create a special product that meet your expectations and comply with security rules and general regulations.

 Our Experience

Our decade long experience on special projects that were established in many countries and used actively on the field, is your best guide on creating your desired one.

Please use below inquiry form to give us more detail about your plan and we can get back to you on how we can help you to accomplish your project.

Why keep!in Custom Projects Consulting

  1. More than 10 years of Project Management Experience
  2. Know-how on special projects that are still active in the field
  3. Completion of many successful custom projects from scratch
  4. Daily active support

Why getting consulting from us?

Below you can see a few important assets we can provide to you.


More than 10 years of high tech experience on EMV and Card Payment System related projects.


High level of know-how on payment scheme regulations, requirements and workarounds


Cumulated experience of completed projects leads us to success.


In addition to project management and solution providing, we aim to train your staff to increase your self-competence.


With our support team and daily ticketing system, you can benefit from active support.

Do not hesitate to inquiry!

Our team will be happy to answer your questions.