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We provide consulting on all steps of EMV issuing and acquiring systems.

Technical Infrastructure

Technological Infrastructure Consulting helps you to establish a well designed EMV and Payment infrastructure with exact software and hardware equipments. It aims to reduce your issuance and migration costs by eiminating redundant technological spendings and help you to determine necessary requirements.

EMV Migration & Issuance

EMV Migration and Issuance consulting helps you to determine necassary changes you need to make and list requirements that you need to satisfy to issue EMV cards and accept EMV transactions. Since EMV Issuance is a delicate subject, our experienced team  can guide you to prevent time loses and ease your operational changes.

Card Profile Generation

EMV Card Profile is the key part of functionality determination of your EMV cards. It must be specifically designed for the bank's needs and parameters must be set correct to prevent fraud and to satisfy payment scheme regulations. Our expert team can guide you better than anybody for creating a flawlss card product which works most efficiently with your issuance and acquiring systems.

Key Management & PKI

Key Management is the most delicate issue of the EMV issuance and acquiring schemes. One simple error may crash the entire system and stalls your production. Our expert team can guide you on creating necessary symmetric and asymmetric keys and about their storage at the payment system for usage phases. Don't leave key management to any chance.


Certification is the final part of the production lifecycle and crucial for the system. One simple error may fail you from verified by payment schemes and stalls your production undefinitely. Our expert team can guide you on both issuance and acquiring certification requirements and procedures so you may spare your precious time more on testing than invesitgating thousands pages of scheme reguations.

Custom Projects

Custom Projects are projects beyond banking scope such as loyalty programs, transport cards, government cards, health cards ... etc. and our know-how on these are ready for your help. We can guide you on how you can accomplish these projects by using your current environment by making small changes that result in minimum cost and maximum benefit.

Why getting consulting from us?

Below you can see a few important assets we can provide to you.


More than 10 years of high tech experience on EMV and Card Payment System related projects.


High level of know-how on payment scheme regulations, requirements and workarounds


Cumulated experience of completed projects leads us to success.


In addition to project management and solution providing, we aim to train your staff to increase your self-competence.


With our support team and daily ticketing system, you can benefit from active support.

Do not hesitate to inquiry!

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